My name is Austin Taylor. I play guitar and sing songs.

I started playing guitar in 2000 on my mom’s old classical guitar, which I unknowingly put steel strings on, making the instrument nearly unplayable. When I got my first guitar, it nearly played itself in comparison.

During my college years in Provo, Utah (2004–2009), I played open mic nights, acoustic concerts, house shows, and opened for local bands. I recorded a number of homemade EPs that I gave to friends and family.

For a year or two after college, I played in an indie folk rock band called These Architects. We probably—no, definitely—would have made it big if we hadn’t all decided to move away to pursue design careers.

In 2015, I finally decided to record some songs that had been kicking around in my head and in my guitars for a while. I released my first full-length album Winters, Fevers, & Devils later that summer.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed recording several Christmas songs, more recently with help on vocals from my kiddos. I typically have those here to listen to for a while before/after the holidays.

If you want to learn a little more about me, here are some FAQs. If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email. I’ve also got music on Soundcloud if you want to listen there.

Have a listen, enjoy, and stay tuned for more music!