How long have you been playing guitar?

About fourteen years. I picked up my mom's old classical guitar, put steel strings on it without knowing that was a terrible idea, and tried to learn some chords despite having to press strings what seemed like an inch or two down to the fretboard. I stuck with it and have been playing non-stop ever since.

What are some of your biggest influences?

I remember my dad playing James Taylor in the car on family trips after a solid rotation of Sesame Street and Dr Seuss tapes. I got into the Beatles late in high school, followed by newer British stuff like Coldplay, Radiohead, and Travis. In more recent years I've enjoyed a lot of indie folksy stuff like Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, et cetera. You can hear bits and pieces of these artists and others throughout my work—I certainly won't claim to be completely original.

Why is the album called Winters, Fevers, & Devils?

Why not? But if you must know, the title comes from one of the songs on the album.

What kind of guitar do you play?

I have a few, but the one I used exclusively on the album is a really cool, handmade, 1930s-style guitar made by a super-talented luthier named Dale Fairbanks. It recorded wonderfully and has the dry, punchy sound I have been after lately.

Do you have any other albums?

I used to record little mini-albums (the industry term is an "EP") using my computer's built-in microphone and give them to friends. For now they're going to remain rare collector's editions. I will say, however, that this album is the best songwriting, best guitar playing, and by far the best production quality of anything I've done to date.

Where did you record the album?

At home. Well, mostly. Some of the harmonies and/or guitar fills were recorded in a little Sunday School classroom at my church. But most of it was recorded in our apartment with a little USB microphone and an iPad. And it sounds—in my humble opinion—pretty great.

Who did all your design work?

I did.

How frequently do you get asked questions like this about your music?

Not that often.

Are you going on tour?

Not planning on it. I'll let you know if I change my mind.

Where can I find those Christmas songs you recorded?

Right here. Just promise you won't play them until after Thanksgiving. Kidding, but only partly.